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digital world, because of the pandemic and because
the shift to non-office is already roaring”
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In this brand new episode of ‘Talent Talks,’ Hunt Scanlon Media host, Rob Adams, is joined by Juan Gaitan, CEO of Talento Human Capital Management. In this episode, Mr. Gaitan discusses the process an executive search firm should follow when looking for an investor or M&A partner. Mr. Gaitan then shares what Talento seeks in a target firm and shares his views on how culture impacts the merger & acquisition process. Listen Now!

Case Studies

Spirit Airlines, a public travel & leisure company with 25k employees and operations in 15+ countries grows from $781M in 2009 to nearly $4B in 2019. Spirit focuses on key transformational initiatives including:

Global Eagle, a global provider of connectivity, data/analytics, media & content solutions to private and commercial aviation acquires EMC, a global provider of connectivity and TV streaming services to at sea and on-land organizations.


Whether you're an organization looking for top talent or a candidate looking for your next great professional opportunity, Talento has you covered. Talento's dedicated portal helps identify and advance interested candidates for the right positions.

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Building a Culture That Empowers Women in Business

“Women can thrive and be just as successful when provided a culture environment for them to succeed.” – Andrea Rodriguez, Vice President, Operations at TalentoHCM Work environments that foster a culture built on inclusion, trust, continuous development, and empower...

How Can Recruiting Stay Competitive in a Remote Work Environment? 

"Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and...

The Challenges of Building an IT Organization in 2021

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” -Matt Mullenweg There’s no doubt that 2020 put forth new challenges we could not have predicted. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, a greater number of people began working from home and organizations have been...